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Sun Joe

Electric High Pressure Washer


Garden Tool Set



Farm 24 Basic 

Black Decker

String Trimmer



Steel Ensilage Fork


This product is unique in that it offers power, versatility, and convenience. With a powerful motor and the ability to handle various cleaning tasks.

Upgrade your gardening game with our 11-Piece Gardening Set: Rust-resistant, ergonomic handle tools, and a premium storage tote bag make it the perfect gift for any gardening enthusiast.

Experience the future of gardening with our hydroponic garden. Grow 24 herb, veggie, or flower varieties year-round, 5x faster than soil, with customizable LED light.

A versatile and powerful 12-amp electric edger and trencher that effortlessly handles overgrowth, provides maximum control with adjustable depth settings, and offers easy operation.

It offers a 1.5-inch tine spacing, an ergonomic D-top grip for enhanced comfort and control, a hardwood handle for strength and durability, and a welded steel head for long-lasting performance.


The powerful 14.5-Amp/1800-watt motor can handle a wide range of cleaning tasks, and it has a Total Stop System (TSS) for energy-saving and pump life prolongation.

The 11-piece gardening set includes a wide range of essential tools, is rust-resistant, features ergonomic handles for comfortable use, and comes with a durable storage tote.

This hydroponic garden enables the simultaneous growth of 24 different herb, veggie, or flower varieties year-round, with customizable LED lights.

The heavy-duty edger and trencher offer powerful performance, easy conversion between the two functions, and maximum control with an adjustable blade.

The 1.5-inch tine spacing allows for effective soil cultivation, and the ergonomic D-top grip provides added comfort and control while using the tool.


The washer does not have a foldable handle, which may affect its portability and storage convenience.

There are no significant drawbacks mentioned in the provided information.

While it offers great features, the initial cost and potential ongoing expenses for seeds, water, and electricity may be higher than traditional gardening methods.

While it provides versatility for various tasks, it may not be suitable for extremely heavy-duty or commercial use.

There are no stated cons for this product in the provided information


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