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Tower Heater


This electric space heater combines convenience and functionality seamlessly. With two quiet heat settings, a user-friendly remote control, and an adjustable timer.

his electric space heater offers three quiet settings, an adjustable thermostat with 11 temperature options, and a convenient carry handle for easy mobility

This powerful and easy-to-install 36-inch electric baseboard heater in white not only delivers lasting warmth but also offers the simplicity of universal wiring and pre-punched knockouts.

The Kismile Oil Filled Radiator is an ideal choice for personal spaces, measuring 13.9″ x 9.4″ x 26″.

With its two quiet heat settings, adjustable thermostat, remote control convenience, and safety features like overheat protection and widespread oscillation.


Adjustable Timer Function for Auto-Off Capability and Built-In Safety Features, Including Overheat Protection and Cool Touch Exterior

The convenient carry handle and compact size make it easy to move around the house. Equipped with built-in safety features, including overheat protection and a cool-touch exterior.

This heater boasts powerful multi-watt capabilities and quick installation thanks to universal wiring and knockouts, efficiently circulating warm air throughout your room with convection heat.

Features a smart thermostat with three heating modes (low/600W, medium/900W, and high/1500W) for customizable comfort.

The heater includes an 8-hour auto-off timer for added convenience. Widespread oscillation ensures even heat distribution throughout the room


Cord Length Is Relatively Short at 6 Feet.

While it offers multiple heat settings, it may not be suitable for heating larger rooms or spaces

Limited lifetime warranty notwithstanding, there are no specific details provided regarding potential drawbacks or limitations of this product

The heater takes approximately 10 minutes to heat up after being switched on.

While it offers widespread oscillation, it doesn’t specify the exact area it can cover for heating, which may be important for larger rooms.


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