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Sony Wireless


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Beats Studio Buds


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HD 25 on Ear DJ


The Cancelling Headphones offer an exceptional blend of superior sound quality, advanced noise-cancellation technology, long-lasting comfort, and versatile connectivity options.


Philips H4205 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones offer exceptional sound quality, comfort, and convenience, making them a great choice for your music and audio needs.



Experience the pinnacle of sound quality and convenience with the Beats Studio Buds Pro.


 The Occiam Bluetooth Headphones offer a fantastic combination of premium sound quality, comfortable fit, waterproof design, and long battery life.


The Sennheiser Professional HD 25 Headphones are a top choice for DJs, audio professionals, and music enthusiasts seeking outstanding sound quality, durability, and comfort.




These noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones provide an immersive audio experience with high-quality sound and comfortable over-ear design.


The Philips H4205 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones offer a convenient wireless listening experience with clear sound quality.


The Beats Studio Buds Pro offer excellent noise-cancellation capabilities and impressive sound quality, making them ideal for immersive listening experiences.


The occiam Bluetooth Headphones offer excellent sound quality and come with a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, all while being waterproof, making them ideal for workouts and outdoor activities.


The Sennheiser Professional DJ Headphones (HD 25) deliver exceptional sound quality, durability, and comfort, making them a favorite among professionals and audiophiles alike.



Some users may find the headphones to be on the bulkier side, which could impact portability.


Some users may find the fit less comfortable for extended periods, and the battery life may not be as long as some other wireless headphones.


Some users may find the fit less secure during vigorous activities, and the battery life could be longer for extended usage without recharging.


Some users may find the fit to be a bit snug, and the battery life could be longer for extended use.


Some users may find the clamping force of these headphones uncomfortable during extended listening sessions, and they lack active noise-canceling features found in some competing models.


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