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Pet Hair Vaccum




The s9+ represents the pinnacle of home cleaning technology, offering unparalleled performance with its advanced features and intelligent design

BISSELL’s commitment to saving homeless pets shines through in their pet-friendly vacuum.

Experience the ultimate cleaning prowess with this German-engineered bagless canister vacuum. Its robust suction power, adaptable suction settings, Vortex Technology.

When you purchase the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Li Ion, you not only get a powerful cleaning tool but also contribute to a great cause.

The Rapid Clean cordless vacuum combines cutting-edge motor technology with a lengthy 40-minute runtime, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning


The s9+ boasts groundbreaking technology, 40X suction power, and a 3-Stage Cleaning System for a deep and thorough clean.

The product supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to save homeless pets, offers swivel steering for easy maneuverability.

The maintenance-free Hygiene Lifetime Filter and Gore CleanStream Fine Dust Filter ensure excellent filtration. 

The large, easy-to-empty dirt tank simplifies the disposal of pet hair and debris. The 14V lithium-ion battery provides powerful cleaning

The specially designed Easy Rest nook allows you to safely prop the vacuum up on countertops and furniture when you need a break.


Despite its advanced features, the s9+ may come with a relatively higher price tag compared to other robot vacuums on the market

The filter replacement is required every 6 months, and it may not be suitable for those who do not have pets as it is designed for pet hair and messes

There is no mention of the vacuum’s specific brand or model, making it difficult for consumers to identify the product.

The dirt cup capacity is relatively small at 0.7 liters, which may require frequent emptying during cleaning sessions.

The filtration system is mentioned as “Filtration:Foam,” but further details about the filtration efficiency and performance are not provided in the description.


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