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Black Decker

Steam Cord Reel Iron

Black Decker

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Steam Iron


Compact Ironing Steam Press


Ironing Board


With its advanced Even Steam Soleplate, TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate, SmartSteam Technology, versatile vertical steaming capability, and automatic shutoff feature.

This product offers the convenience of automatic shutoff after 15 minutes of inactivity, ensuring safety and energy efficiency at 120 volts.

The Steammaster iron delivers outstanding performance with its 1400 Watts of power, effortlessly tackling wrinkles in various fabrics.

The #1 choice for compact home steam pressing, this 22″ x 10″ ironing surface is perfect for homes of any size, offering effortless wrinkle removal for all your garments.

The ironing board is a game-changer when it comes to ironing convenience. With its smooth and bump-free ironing surface, exceptional stability, large ironing area, and ergonomic design.


SmartSteam Technology automatically adjusts steam output based on your selected temperature, simplifying the ironing process.

The steamer features an auto shutoff function after 15 minutes of inactivity for safety, and it offers both continuous steam for efficient wrinkle removal and a powerful burst of steam for stubborn wrinkles.

The Steammaster iron offers a powerful 1400 Watts of heating power for quick results, has a versatile steam shot feature for both horizontal and vertical use, includes a convenient spray mist feature for tackling tough wrinkles.

The compact steam presser offers a large ironing surface, making it suitable for small homes and versatile for various clothing types.

The ironing board features a smooth, extra-thick felt pad and a one-piece laminated cover for a wrinkle-free ironing experience, along with a Prozone cover for faster crease removal.


Potential drawbacks might include the need for regular cleaning and maintenance of the nonstick soleplate and reliance on electricity for operation.

The provided information does not mention any specific drawbacks or limitations of the product.

While the iron has many convenient features, it may have a relatively small water tank capacity of 240 ml, which could require more frequent refilling during extended ironing sessions.

While the product boasts many features, it may be relatively heavy for some users at 19.8 lbs, making it less portable for those with mobility issues.

While the ironing board is designed for stability and ergonomic comfort, some users may find its large size and weight a bit cumbersome to store and maneuver


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